We believe that food should be tasty and affordable for everyone, which is why we create casual dining style cuisine in our restaurant. The world is full of flavors. Culinary traditions travel and intertwine. This inspires us to reach for recipes from distant lands, to bold experiments combining ingredients from different continents and to play with the form of serving dishes. However, the most important for us is the original taste and delight that we see on the faces of our guests while eating.

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The chef, Daniel Socha, is behind the success of our menu. Many years of experience, an excellent sense of taste and curiosity for new flavors mean that he is constantly looking for new culinary experiences. As he himself says, the taste is primarily due to the excellent quality ingredients, which is why he personally verifies the quality of the products. He boldly reaches for international cuisine as it reflects the cosmopolitan nature of today's world.

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    23 04

    Meet our new beers

    We have established cooperation with the award-winning Brokreacja brewery.

    07 05

    Have breakfast in our restaurant

    Breakfasts return to Plac Nowy! We invite you on weekends from 9am to 1pm.

    14 05

    New menu items

    Nowalijki, fruit and vegetables. Seasonal dishes on our menu.